Community Center and Public Library

In 1936, with funding supplied by the Federal Government through and agency called the "Works Progress Administration" (WPA), and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Town of Mercer started work on the Mercer Community Center/Public Library. Constructed entirely of pine logs from the area, it consisted of a main hall and a small area to house the library.

The Mercer Civic Club and other ladies of the area raised money for furnishing and equipping the Community Center by sponsoring dinners and other functions. The first library books were donated by individuals rom their own collections.
The building was truly a "Community Center as it was used for Mother/Daughter, Father/Son Banquets, weddings, stage plays, dances and a host of other community related events. It also served as the Mercer School's basketball court.

In the late 1950's, some of the logs had deteriorated and were removed and replaced with concrete blocks. Time and people change, and the building fell into disrepair. The school acquired the building and used it as a storage facility for aluminum cans and gym equipment. The library was moved to an area in the Town Hall.

In early 1996, the town board made a decision to buy the building back and remodel it including an addition for the new library. In November of '96 ground was broken , and in February of '97 work started in earnest. Construction was completed in late 1997 and the Mercer Public Library was opened in October of '97.

In keeping with the original exterior, log siding was used to finish the outside walls, and some of the original log construction remains in both the community community center and library's reading room.

Once again Mercer has a beautiful and modern Community Center for weddings, meetings and other functions.

The Mercer Public Library has a number of computers linked to the internet for patrons' use, a growing video collection, a wide variety of talking books, newspapers periodicals, an extensive children's library as well as other services. It is a friendly, comfortable place to visit.

Rental can be arranged with the Town Clerk , Phone: 715-476-3422.