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Turtle Lambeau Flowage one of the best places to fish for walleye

Not a whole lot of change in the walleye action the past two weeks, fish are scattered and in different depths and structures, up and down action, good one day and not so the next. Fatheads, crawlers, leeches are all working as is crankbaits and soft plastics. Cranks have been very productive in the 6 to 8 foot range, plastics are productive at times, rip jigging these work very well. Shallow weeds , especially in wind blown shorelines have been holding some of the larger fish. Deep wood is a day by day challenge, but when you hit it just right, nice eyes along with some big jumbo perch can be found. Tried a good number of cribs yesterday and the ones we fished were pretty much void of fish with the exception of small gills and perch. Our best action yesterday came on cranks in 8 foot depths with scattered submerged wood. Not a number day, but nice fish.